Freeze Cleaning Instructions

1) Set up water piping so that water flows to heat pump can be turned off and so that the Aqua Systems Heat Exchanger can be vented at the top and drained ath the bottom (i.e. use boiler drains on both top and bottom water connections to heat the exchanger).

2) Shut off water flow to the unit and open the vent at the top of the heat exchanger and the drain at the bottom of the heat exchanger.

3) Set heat pump controls to that the Aqua Systems Heat Exchanger is operating as the evaporator.

4) After checking to be sure that all water has drained from the heat exchanger, depress the compressor contactor. Keep the compressor operating until suction pressure is below 20 PSI.

5) Shut down the compressor and allow the unit to equalize. Close vent opening.

6) Start water flow and flush heat exchanger through the drain until the water is clear.

Close drain opening and resume normal operation.