Installation Instructions

  1. Aqua Systems Installation Instructions The Aqua Systems heat exchanger is suitable for use as a condenser or evaporator. Refrigerant gas should be piped to the top refrigerant opening and refrigerant liquid to the bottom refrigerant opening.

  2. The Aqua Systems Heat Exchanger can be piped for series water flow or parallel water flow.

  3. Series flow is normally used on "one pass" evaporator installations where water will leave at an above freezing temperature (some margin of safety should be planned). Do not exceed 6 GPM flow rate. Series flow is not recommended for models of larger capacity than S-4 / S-4R / CN4.

  4. Parallel flow is normally used on "closed loop" installations regardless of water (or fluid) temperatures and in instances where leaving water temperature might be close to freezing on evaporator applications. Do not exceed 12GPM flow rate.

  5. Be sure to use vent and drain plugs on all installations where there is a likelihood that water quality will require freeze cleaning of the evaporator/condenser.

  6. Carefully insulate the entire heat exchanger on both evaporators and condensers. All surfaces contribute to the heat exchange process and the unit will perform noticeably better when insulated

  7. parallel installation image installation series